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Air-Conditioned as well as Heated, this unique cart keeps extreme temperatures off of your mind-and your mind on the game.                                               The Polar Cart is an air-conditioned as well as heated 36V quiet electric golf cart with a custom bottom rear deck for easy bag carring and access. Each cart is standard with 3.2 HP motor, auto -adjust mechanical rear brakes, speed balanced automotive rack and pinion steering and also has independent front and rear suspension with dual shocks and a high strength, low alloy tubular steel frame. The air condition / heating unit aboard delivers a powerhouse of cold air ( a refreshing 7,000 btu ) to the driver and passenger. The cart is also equipped with removable doors. A unique feature is it's ability to charge the batteries while the air condition or heating device is running. After a hot or cold day out on the course, no charger hook-up is needed for the golfer or a spontaneous afternoon game; a smart-cart, indeed!                                               

Non-Course Applications. Polarcart is a great for the course, but what about other uses? If there are any questions about the heat, just ask the many who use electric carts to get around the parking area, factory, city, ranch, estate, or establishment of security. Since the cart is capable of heating as well as cooling, its the perfect year-round lightweight electric vehicle for countless golf as well as non-golf related applications.

Rhino Polar Cart

Modern 2 Seat Cart

Luxury Cart

Standard Golf Cart

4 Seat Forward Golf Cart

Standard 4 Seat Forward Cart

Standard Yellow Golf Cart

1 Seat Golf Cart

1 Seat Golf Cart

4 Seat Cargo Cart

Security Vehicle

Cargo Cart

Cargo Cart

Standard Golf Cart Available in White, Yellow and Green

Standard Seat for Golf Cart

Interior of Golf Cart

Interior of Golf Cart

Rear End

Front End

4 Passenger Cart

4 Passenger Vehicle

6 Passenger Vehicle

8 Passenger Vehicle

Utility Box

Rear Seat Available

Swamp Cooler, Air Conditioner