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TSR started business in 1989 as a partnership and was incorporated in 1995 as a Corporation. Our primary business was to import  fashion pens; we imported  pens from Korea and the Philippines under our own Private label as Monet fashion pens and under the How Company. As the company grew, we imported, baby products and other child related items. In the early 90's the Mighty Morphin power rangers were a big licensed product line, we did OEM manufacturing in Korea for this product. We then sold the product to Wal-Mart, K-Mart and many other National Chains.  TSR Inc. has sold and manufactured many products over the years, example, we have sold children's stickers, fishing tackle, T-Shirts, solid wood doors, crown molding, lumber, marble flooring, human hair extensions, solid wood mahogany furniture, tiffany lamps, porcelain, crystal, oil paintings, paintball equipment and accessories, and various other items. We have always specialized in  imports. Our customers over the years have been many National accounts, the list consist of many well recognized names, example of retail sores; Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Walgreen's drug stores, Rite Aide Drugs, Eckerd Drugs, Hallmark Stores, Home Depot, Office Depot, Office Max, Academy Sports, Bass Shops, Sally's Beauty Supply and many others. We have OEM manufactured for several companies, some of these companies, we have non-disclosure agreements with, but a list of a few is, Crossman Air Rifle, JT USA, Brass Eagle, Twisted Paintball, Paintball Inc., Sally's Beauty Supply, American Door and Window, and many others.

Our company has grown from a small import business to a very large OEM manufacturing import specialist and Agent. TSR has many suppliers and Manufactures from around the world; we have built a long and strong relationship with our suppliers. Our customers know when we work for them on their projects that we always find the most reliable and qualified manufactures. It is our goal at TSR to always bring our customers, the best in quality and in price.